Hole 1, Par 4, Stroke 7, 390m



The course opens with a relatively short par 4 1st hole, where a slight fade will ensure that you remain on the fairway, but make sure that you miss the well placed bunkers on the right of the fairway. A good drive will be rewarded by a short iron or pitching wedge to reach a green protected by three bunkers. A pushed shot to the right of the green may cost you more than one shot to recover.


The 2nd hole is a 534 m par 5 which plays downhill from the tee box. Large blue gum trees guard the fairway where it doglegs left at your landing zone. If you have a natural draw, you can play past the trees and land safely on the fairway. From here a mid to long iron should get you close to the green, and a soft landing pitch shot will get you close for a well-deserved birdie.

Hole 2, Par 5, Stroke 17, 534m


Hole 3, Par 4, Stroke 3, 424m



The 3rd hole is a par 4 and is definitely one of the most difficult holes on the course. It is not rated the third most difficult hole without reason. The tee box is nestled between the trees and a very accurate drive is necessary to reach the fairway. A fade will almost ensure that you end up out of bounds, while the left of the fairway is protected by two bunkers and large trees. The hole plays uphill and a long to mid iron may be necessary to reach a very tricky downhill green.

Hole 4

The par 4 hole no 4 may look short, but don’t be deceived. It plays slightly uphill from the tee box. A straight drive will land you nicely in the middle of the fairway, which will leave you with a short iron or a wedge into the green. The green is well protected by a bunker on the left and another to the right and back.

Hole 4, Par 4, Stroke 11, 330m


Hole 5, Par 4, Stroke 5, 352m


Hole 5

The Par 4 hole no 5requires a straight drive to avoid a large tree and some nasty rough on your right and a few trees on your left. For the long hitters it may be advised to hit a three wood, as the water on the left of the fairway may come into play. An even more accurate mid iron shot is then necessary to avoid the water to the left of the green and the bunkers to the right. As the green slopes from right to left, a bunker shot from the right of the green will almost certainly end up in the water.

Hole 6

The green of the 6th hole, first par 3 on the course, may look short from the tee box, but you will find yourself in thick rough if you leave your tee shot short of the green. A well hit 6 or 7 iron should land you safely on the green.

Hole 6, Par 3, Stroke 9, 153m


Hole 7, Par 5, Stroke 13, 460m


Hole 7

Hole 7 is rather straightforward. The fairway doglegs a little to the right. A good drive should leave you with a mid iron to the green. There is a water hazard about 30 m short of the green, so be careful not to push your approach shot to the right.

Hole 8

The picturesque 8th hole is a par 3 and may remind you of the 12th hole at Augusta, with the green well protected by water at the front and two well placed bunkers at the back. The hole plays downhill and only a short iron or pitching wedge is necessary to clear the water. A tricky shot awaits you when you hit the ball into one of the bunkers at the back of the green, as your sand shot is downhill with the water lurking.

Hole 8, Par 3, Stroke 15, 110m


Hole 9, Par 4, Stroke 1, 390m


Hole 9

The 9th hole is a very good-looking hole. The narrow fairway opens up nicely at the landing zone. If you do find yourself off the fairway for your second shot, you will have to negotiate trees and long rough to get yourself back in play. The massive clubhouse behind the green will make you pause for a second to admire the view. When you approach the green, note that there is a water feature blocking your approach to the right and in front of the green. This is truly an amazing hole to finish the first nine.

Hole 10

As the fairway on the par 4 10th hole slopes from left to right, it is advised that you start your drive well left. A good drive will ensure a mid to short iron to a green which is protected by a bunker at each side of the entrance to the green. The ball may be below you feet when you play your second shot, therefore be alert not to push the ball to the right.

Hole 10, Par 4, Stroke 12, 370m


Hole 11, Par 4, Stroke 14, 350m


Hole 11

The 11th hole is a short downhill par 4 and the green could almost be reached by the long hitters. Three well placed bunkers guard both sides of an otherwise open fairway. Should you avoid the bunkers, you will have a short iron to an inviting but dangerous green below you. You have to avoid missing the green short or to the right, while an under calculation of the downhill distance may result in your shot travelling over the green and out of bounds.

Hole 12

With bunkers guarding the fairway to the left and right on the 12th hole, you will need an accurate drive to keep your ball safe. The fairway is narrow, and becomes even more so as you get closer to the green. The green is well protected on all sides by bunkers, so you need an accurate approach to land safely.

Hole 12, Par 4, Stroke 2, 344m


Hole 13, Par 4, Stroke 4, 385m


Hole 13

The par 4 13th hole is a difficult driving hole that requires a gentle draw following the shape of the dogleg of the fairway or a high fade over the trees will result in the ball coming to rest on the short grass. From there an uphill second shot with a long to mid iron awaits you to a green that is surrounded by three bunkers.

Hole 14

You can definitely reach the green with two long shots on the par 5 14th hole. There are a couple of fairway bunkers that will catch any wayward shot, a small bunker to the right, and a massive bunker to the left and front that minimises the entry area to this green.

Hole 14, Par 5, Stroke 16, 490m


Hole 15, Par 3, Stroke 10, 134m


Hole 15

The picturesque and beautiful 15th holeis a par 3 and undoubtedly the outstanding hole on the course. However, don’t allow the beauty of the hole disguise the degree of difficulty it presents.From the tee box that could range from 180m to 135m from the green you will face a steep downhill to the green, which is protected by a massive bunker short and left of the green and two other well placed bunkers. A hook shot from the tee will ensure that you hit your third shot from the tee, as your ball will be out of bounds.

Hole 16

A steep climb awaits you to the tee box of the uphill par 4 16th hole. A straight drive is necessary to land safely on the narrow fairway, with out of bounds lurking on your left. A mid to short iron is then necessary to reach an elevated and very tricky green, very well protected by a number of bunkers at the front. Should you hit your approach shot over the green you would almost certainly drop at least one shot.

Hole 16, Par 4, Stroke 8, 335m


Hole 17, Par 3, Stroke 6, 172m


Hole 17

A very well protected green on the 17th hole will add some more pressure to your game at Waterkloof. There is a water hazard to the left and a bunker to the right. A well struck 6 or 7 iron should leave you with a birdie chance. I have heard some great stories of people hitting holes-in-one on this difficult hole.

Hole 18

The 18th hole runs almost parallel to the first. Playing uphill from the tee box, you need a big drive on this finishing hole. Big hitters may want to go for the green with their second shot, but be wary, as there is a large water hazard to the left of the fairway that starts in front of the ninth green. This is a great finishing hole.

Hole 18, Par 5, Stroke 18, 412m