Kindly observe the following and enjoy a trouble free round of golf and membership
  • Dress

    Kindly observe the following dress rules:
    Golfer shorts, NOT rugby, tennis or running shorts.
    Shirts should be tucked in into the waistband of the shorts or long trousers. Rugby, soccer or hockey jerseys, vests, T-shirts and sleeveless shirts are not allowed.
    Short socks are allowed with Bermuda shorts. Long stockings are to be worn with golfer shorts. Rugby, soccer hockey and similar socks are not allowed.
    Clothing in Clubhouse
    Smart casual clothing may be worn in the Clubhouse. The Club reserves the right of discretion regarding dress.
  • Caddies

    No outside caddies are allowed. You may only use caddies who are registered by the club. (Ruling of GNGU)
  • Starting Time

    Players are to report to the starter 25 (twenty five) minutes prior to tee-off time. Players not observing this rule may be requested to go to the back of the field with their playing partners. As the course is busy, it is imperative that your field tee-off at the times allocated to you.
  • Slow Play - Kindly observe the courtesies of golf

    • If you cannot score points, please pick up.
    • If a match fails to keep its pace on the Golf Course and loses more than one clear hole on the players in front, it should allow the match following to pass.
    Slow play is a disease.
  • Golf Carts

    • Pull of Golf Carts are not allowed onto the tees.
    • Golf Carts must be pulled at least 2 (two) meters away from the green.
  • Security

    Do not leave money or valuables in your golf bags. All players are responsible for the safekeeping of their valuables and cell phones.
  • Spectators

    Non-players and spectators are only allowed by permission from management to walk with playing golfers.
  • Course Priority

    • If taking a practice swing, avoid causing damage to the course by removing the divots.
    • A single player has no standing on the course and should give way to a match of any kind.